Are bioplastics best?


It's a tricky question to answer.

We use crude oil to make a lot of our plastic at the moment. Oil is a non-renewable resource and it will eventually run out.

Trees are a renewable resource but if we cut too many down to make plastic then that could also harm the environment.

Companies that make plastic from trees always make sure at least one new tree is planted for every one they use.

Bioplastics can break down and return to the soil. That's a really good thing. It stops them building up in rubbish tips and getting into the world's oceans. Plastic can harm the fishes, birds and other animals that live in the water.

Bioplastics are a good idea but we must not harm the environment getting enough raw materials to make all the plastic we want. How could you reduce the amount of plastic you use?

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The life of a bioplastic

the life of a bioplastic