About Plants for Products

This site was developed by the CIEC and sponsored by the NNFCC.

Who is this site for?

Plants for Products illustrates the ways that plants can be used to replace ingredients (raw materials) that come from non renewable resources either as ingredients or in some cases as fuel to make new products.

There are activities to help children to understand how these issues impact upon their own lives and information to help teachers to understand more about renewable resources, how to introduce these new ideas to their class and get children talking about the reasons for understanding why this is important.




NNFCC LogoThe National Non-Food Crops Centre is the UK centre for renewable materials and technologies. They provide independent advice about plant based renewables. NNFCC develop, and review scientific evidence on, renewable materials, only recommending products that will deliver environmental benefits.

Their staff have provided advice, information and enthusiasm throughout the development of this site, We would like to thank in particular Alison Hamer, Louise Dommett and Adrian Higson.


ciec logoThe Chemical Industry Education Centre is part of the Chemistry Department at the University of York. The team includes primary and secondary teachers who deliver professional development for teachers and develop teaching resources and web sites to enhance the links between science in the classroom and science that affects children's lives and futures.

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